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When disasters strike, getting people the help they need and maintaining healthcare and public safety services can become a complex puzzle. In the midst of a crisis, government, public safety, and healthcare leaders must work together to solve it. 


Eight years ago, healthcare leaders in central Indiana had a new vision for solving the emergency healthcare preparedness puzzle and the MESH Coalition was formed to bring together healthcare, public health, emergency services, and governmental organizations in order to build a more resilient healthcare infrastructure to support our community during crisis. The response of the central Indiana healthcare and emergency response community has been overwhelming. In five short years, the MESH Coalition has gone from an idea for how the healthcare disaster response system might be innovated to a thriving coalition of public and private entities, a leader in crisis and continuity management, and a national example of how healthcare coalitions can and should work. 

Healthcare workers administrators, policy makers, and emergency responders all play a role in emergency preparedness. The MESH Coalition brings the pieces of the emergency healthcare puzzle together. We work in collaboration to meet the healthcare response needs of our community. 

MESH is a non-profit, public-private partnership that enables healthcare providers to effectively respond to emergency events and remain viable through recovery. MESH provides: (1) preparedness and planning services; (2) innovative clinical education and training programs; (3) healthcare intelligence services and (4) sophisticated legal, regulatory, policy and financial analysis – all in support of effective healthcare sector emergency management.

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